That is quite a tirade. I doubt you feel any better. I have a feeling Rachel has helped far more people feel better in this life than you have. Nobody chooses to be born, but there are guidelines for using your life no matter the status you are born to “To whom much has been given much is required”, as Michael Lewis pointed out to the graduating class at Princeton University in 2012. I am certain that Rachel is quite secure in her position and will continue to encourage millions of young people in the years to come.

We all want to project the next event that will impact the housing market

The variables include but are not limited to:

  • Interest rates, the price of money.
  • Inventory the supply of houses
  • Demand, the number of prospective buyers
  • Technology, how the process can be made more efficient
  • Governmental impact…

The Trump administration’s mortgage forbearance provision for delinquent mortgage payments caused by Covid has been remarkably successful. While tens of millions lost their jobs, few lost their houses. Contrast that with the the Obama administration’s handling of the same during the financial crisis of 2008 when millions lost their homes…

Department of Homeland Security

Federal law enforcement agents in Portland, Oregon came out Sunday morning to provide traffic control for a group of young people from Beaverton, cleaning the site from the night before? No sign of Portland police. No sign of city workers or those that made the mess the previous night.


The nightly riots, currently at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland are exacting a toll on all merchants and businesses hidden behind sheets of plywood. Even the Portland city hall had to succumb to the threat by boarding up all of its windows.

The media fails to…

USDA Forest Service Picture of a splash dam

The shutdown of the economy due to the Coronavirus is unprecedented. Unlike most economic slowdowns, this did not come on slowly. The supply and demand in the economy did not gradually stop and so, still exists, six weeks into the shutdown. The response of the economy to the lifting of…

BILL Brewer

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